Monday, November 26, 2018

How to Invest in Gold?

Gold has forever fascinated men and women alike as the best type of investment.

Gold is very difficult to destroy and is rarer than silver. It has been mined heavily around the world as well as the bellies of South Africa. Many investors consider gold as a safe alternative investment. It can easily be bought as well as sold in the market.

However, not many understand the correct method of investing in the bullion market. They are confused where to buy gold coins. Should I approach a local jeweler or is bank the best place to approach. Should I go in for jewelry or are gold bonds a better option.

All this and many more such questions will be answered in our beginners guide in investing in gold.

How to Invest in Gold?

Gold can be bought in different ways. You can either go in for the physical gold in form of coins, bricks or jewelry. Or, you could try buying tangible gold in form of exchange traded funds, stocks, etc.

Gold Coins and Gold Bars


Investors are often confused whether to buy gold coins or gold bars. The answer to your confusion lies in your need. If you are a large-scale investor, then bars are the simplest and efficient way to invest. There are different sizes of bars available in the market from 1 gram up to 1 kg and even more. You need to invest in only those gold bars that have 99.9% pure gold marking. They should contain clear markings such as the refinery or serial number.

Small gold bars come with a high premium tag. However, they are easy to carry and store. You can purchase multiple bars and keep them conveniently as compared to one large bar or brick.

Coming to gold coins. These coins are also a popular choice for many investors. There are two types of gold coins available, one as a collectors item and the other is specifically made for gold investors. So, you need to choose coins made for gold investment. Again, make sure it contains 99.9% pure gold.

Gold ETFs and Funds

If you do not want to store gold physically, you always have an option of purchasing gold exchange traded funds or ETFs. The SPDR Gold Shares are the largest ETF in the world. The price of ETF moves up and down according to the spot price of gold. You can trade ETFs just like any other shares.

Other option for investing in gold is purchasing mutual funds. These mutual funds are related to investment in companies that are involved in mining, distribution as well as processing gold. The price of the funds does not depend on the gold directly. Instead, it depends on the companies who get gold from the ground and sell it to investors. As the demand goes up, so does the profits related to mutual funds. If the company or mine is affected in any way, it will lead to a negative effect on the fund price.

Gold has become a popular choice of investment for many after the year 2000. The gold prices have risen around 450% per ounce from 2000 to 2010. However, there is no guarantee the prices will remain high forever. The gold price may fall unexpectedly at any given time.

However, experts believe, gold prices will rise and it will remain a safe investment during a time of crisis. Thus, make sure you invest in gold along with a well-planned and well-diversified portfolio to keep your wealth strong and stable.



Thursday, November 22, 2018

How to Convert PDF file to Word file

Using PDF files has many advantages.

PDF files have stood the test of time and become a favorite format to share important documents you do not want anyone to make changes.

A number of compatible applications such as Adobe Acrobat, PDF Viewer, etc can easily open PDF files. As it is not an easy task to edit information on PDF, it makes your file safe and secure from any external tampering.

However, if you wish to make some changes in your documents, PDF files pose a bit of difficulty. A PDF file can be easily converted into Word file. Let us have a look at the easiest way to convert PDF to Word.


How to Convert a PDF File into a Word File

Many times you may need to add a certain chart, image or design to your existing PDF file. Alternatively, edit, delete or add certain information in the file. To do this editing you need a Word file. You can easily convert PDF to Word by using Acrobat itself. Once you are done editing, you can save the file again into a PDF file. Let us have a look at how to convert PDF into Word using Acrobat.

  • Open the file in Adobe Acrobat.
  • You will find Export PDF tool on the right side of the pane.
  • Click on it and select Microsoft Word as the export format. Now choose Word Document.
  • Click on Export and if there is scanned text then Acrobat will automatically run text recognition.
  • Give a name to your Word file and save it as a Word file.

Tip: In order to use the PDF to Word feature in Acrobat, you need to have a licensed Adobe Acrobat application.

How to Convert PDF File into a Word File Online

If you do not have a licensed version of Adobe Acrobat do not worry. There are many online software available free that help in converting PDF to Word file.

Many online converters help upload PDF files into their system and allow you to download their Word file versions. However, it is quite difficult to narrow down secure PDF converter websites that do not steal or share your information with unauthorized people. However, if the documents are not highly sensitive then you can freely use any website freely.

Most of the online converters offer their services free. Choose a particular website and upload the document. Select the format you want to convert your PDF file into and click convert. Once the conversion is complete, you will be able to download files to your computer in your chosen file format, that is, Word file.

These are some of the easiest ways to convert PDF files into Word files. Those using a licensed software of Adobe Acrobat will be able to do much more with their files along with converting PDF to Word.



How to Play Basketball

Basketball is a game that can be played indoors as well as outdoors. It is very popular among adolescents and young adults.

Let us see how to play basketball to keep yourself entertained, challenged and busy for a few hours on a boring day.

Steps to Play Basketball

Before you start playing, you will need a basketball and a hoop. There are different types of basketballs available for children, intermediate and adults. As for the hoops, you get 10 feet high and 18 inches in diameter hoops. A basketball court typically is about 94-foot long court. If you are just playing around with friends or entertaining yourself at home, then you can have one hoop to play a game.

Split into Two Teams


Typically, two teams consisting of five players each play basketball. One can even play a half-court ball with three players on each team. However, one can add on as many players as they wish, with equal number on each side.

Score By Shooting


You can score a point by shooting a ball through the hoop. One can score between one and three points with a shot depending on the area on the floor from where the shot was taken.

Dribble or Pass


You can move the ball by either dribbling the ball that is, bouncing it up and down the floor. When the player is planted, then they can pivot on one foot, but the foot has to remain on the floor when not dribbling. One can jump to shoot the ball or pass, but when they come back on the ground, the player should be ridden off the ball.

James Naismith invented it in 1891 to keep his students busy during the cold winter. It involved shooting a ball into a peach basket that was nailed to a railing. You need a long dowel to retrieve the ball after a successful shot. Today, basketball has become one of the most entertaining, exciting sports around the world. It is very easy to play basketball, if you keep in mind a few simple rules. 

These are some common things to keep in mind when playing basketball. You need to learn to play defence as well as offence. Keep practicing and you will soon learn to play like a pro. With these simple tips on how to play basketball, you can start practicing for a bigger match.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

How to Get a Girlfriend

Getting a girlfriend is usually because a boy is looking for a steady company. You may be looking for a more intimate relationship with a girl as a friend with benefits. Or you may find something just clicks with a girl that you would like to snuggle up to when lonely. It may even happen you find the right girl you wish to marry and someday raise a family. Whatever the reason, you need to know how to get a girlfriend. Let us share with you some advice that helps you get a steady girlfriend.

Tip #1

Don’t Go Searching for Relationships

The first thing to remember is don’t keep trying hard with every girl you meet. You may appear too desperate or needy. If you like a girl, don’t be too easy. Girls usually go for attractive guy with all the lover boy traits. Then,there are boys who have less sexual appeal, but are more of a family guy types who become the breadwinner and raise kids. If you are looking for a girlfriend, then you probably fit the second type. Thus, don’t go chasing after every girl as she may be looking for the lover boy types. Be a man of intriguing characteristics that adds value to your personality, rather than make you look like a playboy.

Tip #2

Go for Date to Find the Perfect Girl

It does not always happen that the first girl you like becomes your girlfriend. It is not the end of the world and there are plenty of fishes in the sea. You need to keep going on dates and finding the right one for you. Your flings may help build up your confidence and learn more about what girls want. Soon, you will subconsciously start acting more confident around girls and act more like their lover that makes them chase you. With your flings you won’t end up being lonely or sexually frustrated. Instead you will enjoy these short relationships and become ready for a steadier, long-term relationship.

Tip #3

Get Committed Only If It’s Mutual

You may be seeing a girl and having all the fun. However, don’t stop keeping your options open till she appears to be serious about the relationship. Don’t end you game till you get the vibes of her looking for a serious relationship from you side. Why do you want to be only one who is too much into a relationship when all she is in for is some short term fun.

Tip #4

Commit When You Are in Love

Getting attracted to someone is often confused with love. You need to understand infatuation from love. When you do find your emotions are genuine and you definitely have fallen for a girl don’t give up. Don’t ruin your chance of winning over the girl by making mistakes that compels her to just friend zone you.

Tip #5

Show Her You Care

If you want to win over a girl then you need to show her deep care. This means you need to be concerned about her health and welfare. If she is sick, make sure you take time off to take care of her. Don’t show concern for her, but also make sure you step up when her friend is in need. Make her feel as you are her knight in shinningarmour.

Tip #6

Learn to Have Great Sex

You need to keep your fundamentals straight. If you are looking for an intimate relationship then you need to know the tricks of the trade. You can’t end up looking like a loser in the bed with a girl you wish to keep as your long-term girlfriend. Build up your stamina and learn some cues that help a girl fall for you head over heels in bed.

Tip #7

Be Ambitious Not a Misogynist

Girls like men who are ambitious and work towards a goal. You need to be motivated in your career and not just while away your time. Girls go for boys who have the mullah and a set career part in front of them. Boys who just don’t know what they want in life tend to end up with break-ups and heartbreaks. Also, having confidence about pursuing a dream or goal should not end up appearing as a misogynist in the making. Do not end up becoming a guy who thinks the girl is just good for cooking food and warming up your bed. You need to respect her for who she is for she too may have her set of career goals and may excel in many ways better then you. Remember, respect begets respect and love from a potential girlfriend.

Tip #8

Listen to Her, Don’t Be Desperate

Don’t jump to conclusions and end up hurting both your emotions. If you remain self-absorbed and just think about yourself, you will strangle the poor girl in the relationship. Listen to her needs and understand her point of view. A girl may want to feel special and connected to you before she becomes more intimate with you. She may hold hands or give you the occasional kisses. This does not mean she is ready to go to bed with you. Don’t be desperate and understand a ‘No’ means ‘No’. If you are genuinely into her, then it should not matter if she gives you her all sooner or later. Take her on real dates, make her feel special and build a relationship where she trusts you and accepts you as someone she loves.

These are some of the tips on how to get a girlfriend. There are no textbook methods that help someone fall head over heels over you. Take your time and meet girls who share common interests. You never know when you hit a jackpot and find the perfect girl who you proudly announce as your girlfriend.



How to Know If a Guy Likes You

Did you accept your guy to land up on your doorstep with a dozen red roses and propose?

Or if you were the hopeless romantic you may be thinking of your guy to sing a song for you and express his endless love for you?

Well, if this is how you expected men to behave, then sis, you are definitely wrong. Men rarely take an effort to express larger than life romantic emotions.

Women, well they may actually do things such mushy mushy. But, men NO. You may have to guess if a guy actually likes you by paying attention to the subtle signs he gives.

If you are wondering how to know if a guy likes you, read on.

Signs a guy likes you


Sign #1

Check his body language

Body language is one of the main pointers that shows if a guy likes you. A guy who is interested in you will lean more towards you; his feet will point in your direction. And if he is attracted towards you, his body too will point towards you. A guy does not seem interested in you will have his body away from you, hands crossed while talking. Thus, ladies keep an eye on his body language.

Sign #2

He gets nervous with you around

A generally confident guy will suddenly act nervous around you. Just like you get butterflies when you look at him, he too will show signs of nervousness if he likes you. He will make mistakes or shutter when talking, tell you dumb jokes, or keep talking without giving you a chance to say something.

Sign #3

He puts in the extra effort

If a guy really likes you, he will put in that little extra effort to make you feel comfortable or special. He may help you with your project or move apartment or even help clear that clogged drain in the kitchen. You will even find him strike conversations that actually last and show his interest in you.

Sign #4

He remembers details and keeps you as a priority

You will be surprised to note that a guy interested in you will remember details from every conversation you have had. He will remember you favorite food, your favorite brand, even remember your sister’s birthday!  He will keep you as a priority and even change his habits if you do not like them. A womanizer will suddenly cut his habits of flirting with other girls and keep his attention only on you.

Sign #5

He asked for your number

When a guy asks you for your number it is a sign he wants to remain in touch. A guy won’t ask you for your number if it is just casual flirting or you are going to be of any help to him in the future. When he asks you for your number even when he meets or sees you daily in the college or workplace, then it is a sign he likes you.

Sign #6

He starts following you on Social Media

He will add you on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and where ever possible on social media. He will try to persuade you to accept his friend request and would want to take the friendship forward. He will like you photos, videos, even comment on your posts that holds no meaning to him. It is just a sign he wants to get your attention in every possible way.

Sign #7

He introduces you to his friends

Whoooaaa.. This is huge. When a guy likes a girl and he introduces her to his intimate gang of boys, it definitely means he is serious. It may not be a formal introduction, but you will be able to guess his friends already know you even before you ever met those guys.

Sign #8

He gets jealous

Jealousy is a sign he likes you. He won’t be able to stand another guy trying to woo you. He will find ways to bring that guy down in front of you or prove he is a worthy opponent. He may even act as if nothing is wrong when you talk to other guys, but his facial expressions may portray a whole new story.

These are a few signs that help you know if a guy likes you. A guy interested in you will compliment you often, tease you (in a good way of course), texts with you way into the night, and he looks at you and not just your body assets. If you have spotted enough cues, then stop worrying and just ask him out, even if he does not muster up the courage. Don’t make him nervous, just use your charm to ask him if he likes you and would like to go out on a date.



Wednesday, November 14, 2018

How to Delete a Name from Voter List Online Using Form 7

The Form 7 is used to delete a voter’s name from a constituency they are no longer part of. Other reasons for deletion of name from voter list includes the person has expired, missing, not qualified, repeat/duplicate record.

Online Deletion of Name from Voter’s List Using Form 7

  • Go to National Voters’ Services Portal official website
  • On the home page click on ‘Deletion or Objection in Electoral Roll
  • You will be directed to the ‘Form 7’ which you can fill in English, Hindi or Malayalam.
  • After filling in the particulars enter the captcha code and submit the form.

This is all that needs to be done to delete a name from voter list online using Form 7.

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How to Register to Vote?



How to Apply for Voter ID Card

Voter ID card is a valid identification card issued by the Government of India. You can apply for voter ID card online.

Let us have a quick look at how to apply for voter ID card online.

Applying for Voter ID Card Online

All citizens of India who are 18 years and above can apply for voter ID card.

  • Visit the National Voter’s Service Portal (NSVP) website
  • Here, you need to click on Apply online for registration of new voter/due to shifting from AC
  • You will be directed to ‘Form 6’. Fill in all the details as asked and submit the form.
  • You can upload scanned copies of the supporting documents as well as your photograph. 

This is all you need to do to apply for voter ID card online.

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How to Correct Voter ID Details Online

If you find any errors or discrepancies in your voter ID card, then you can request for changes online.

Let us see how to correct voter ID details online.

Procedure to Correct Voter ID Details Online

  1. Visit
  2. On the home page look for the button Correction of Entries in Election Roll
  3. Click on it and you will be taken to ‘Form 8’.
  4. Enter the details as required and fill in the information that needs to be corrected.
  5. Once the form is filled, click on Send to

This is all you need to do to correct voter ID details online.

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How to Check your Voter Identity Card Details Online

With elections around the corner, it is important to check your voter identity card details. You can do so online from your computer easily.

Let us see how to check your voter identity card details online from the following paragraphs.

Check Your Voter Identity Card Detail with Epic No. Online

To check your name on the electoral list, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Go to the official NVSP Electoral Search page
  • Here, go to the tab that says Search by Epic No.
  • Enter your Epic No. and State.
  • Enter the Captcha code and hit Search.

Check Your Voter Identity Card Without Epic No. Online

In case you do not have your Voter Card number or Epic Number, then you can search for the details using the following method:

  • Go to the official NVSP Electoral Search page
  • Here, go to the tab that says Search by Details.
  • Enter your Name, Father's/Husband's Name, Age/DOB, Gender, State, District, Assembly Constituency. You can even search for your constituency on the map provided.
  • Enter the Captcha code and hit Search.

This is all you need to do to check your voter identity card details online.

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Sunday, October 28, 2018

How to Tell If a Girl Likes You

How to Tell If a Girl Likes You: Clear Signs She’s Digging You

Across the animal kingdom, mating rituals are just as elaborated as in humans. It is often the males who need to initiate the first move, be it in animals or man. However, in humans, women tend to give subtle cues to men, indicating a romantic liaison is possible.

Alas, many studs tend to overlook or never understand these cues. They end up being labeled as weirdo or a sexual molester who preys on unsuspecting women. You need to have the knack to pick up signals that say, ‘Yes, I am interested in you’. And if you initiate an unwanted sexual move at the wrong cue, the lady might end up slapping you. Many men often hear their girls telling them ‘oh, I gave you so many clues I like you’ before they got hitched.

If you too are having a hard time understanding how to tell if a girl likes you, the following signal will help you get started.

How to Know If A Girl Has A Crush On You?

Crack the code with a few pointers discussed below to help you decipher her thoughts.

Signal #1

You catch her stealing glances at you

It is not often a girl is caught staring or glancing at a boy. If you see the girl you like stealing glances at you or suddenly turn away when you face her, means she is into you. She is trying to avoid your gaze as she does not want to make her feelings for you obvious.

Signal #2

You find her trying to look for you

You arrive at a party with a group of friends and find her trying to narrow you down within the crowd. It does not matter if she does not come up to you to talk, the fact that she was trying to see if you have come is a good signal she likes you.

Signal #3

She laughs even at your lamest jokes

You find she suddenly becomes interested in your talks and even laughs at the lamest joke you ever make. It is a sign that you are on her mind and she likes striking a conversation with you.

Signal #4

She shows signs of envy

When you speak to other girls, you find her frowning away or show her displeasure openly. She won’t appreciate you flirting openly with other girls and will throw tantrums later on. It is a sign she is way into you, dude.

Signal #5


She initiates physical contact with you

You will find her greeting you with a hug or starts touching your hand or clothes during a conversation. This means she is trying to get closer to you.

Signal #6

She tries to talk to you in private

She will linger around until others around you have left. She tries to make more private conversations, even if they are just about the weather. She is trying to be more personal with you as she likes you.

Signal #7

Her friends give away the clues

The best way to tell if a girl likes you, is by observing her friends. The band of clattering girls will suddenly become quite when you approach, or start teasing you when you try to talk to your girl. They may even ask you what you think about their friend and some close ones may even threaten you if you dare hurt their friend’s feelings out of nowhere.

Signal #8

She starts showing you signs of affection

She starts to blush around you when you guys talk or when you tease her in a good way. You will notice she starts playing with her hair unconsciously and plays coy in front of you. She bumps into you out of the blue, just to have a short conversation with you. She may even dress up and start showing off the best features of her body to you in an attempt to get your attention.

Signal #9


She starts liking your online posts

She will start following you on social media and you will see an increase in her likes and comments on your posts. You may even find her tagging you to romantic posts or thoughts that give you a hint she likes you.

Signal #10

She texts you frequently

She starts having regular textual conversations with you. Your conversations are no longer just the usual ‘Hi’ or ‘What’s Up’ kind, but a real conversation. She may even end up texting you at night, hinting you are the only one on her mind.

These are a few subtle hints that help you tell if a girl likes you. However, do not read too much between the lines and if you end up with a wrong guess do not get disappointed. Respect her decision and move on. You will surely find a girl who genuinely likes you and would love to start a romantic liaison with you.



Saturday, October 27, 2018

How to Track Passport Application Status?

You may have found applying for a passport is very easy if you have all the valid documents and papers. Once you have finished the procedure and verification process at the passport center, then comes the waiting period for your passport.

In order to keep yourself updated learn how to track passport application status from the following article.

How to Check Passport Application Status?

To track passport application status, you need to visit the official passport website

On the home page you will see a button that says Track Application Status. Click on it and a new page will open.

Here, you need to select the Application Type. From the drop down menu, choose Passport/ PCC/ IC/ GEP. Enter your File Number in the next tab and then your date of birth.

Click the Track Status button and you will get information regarding your passport application status.

As you can see it is so easy to track passport application status.



Monday, October 22, 2018

How to Apply for New PAN Card

Permanent Account Number or PAN card is an important nationalized identity card for an Indian citizen.

The PAN card is a must to carry out any financial transaction as well as when paying taxes.

It is allotted by the Income Tax (IT) Department who allots each individual, company, or HUF a unique 10-digit alphanumerical account number.

A PAN card has lifetime validity. If you too are planning to get yourself a new PAN card, the following information on how to apply for new PAN card will prove to be useful.

Steps to Apply for New PAN Card

PAN card can be applied online by visiting NSDL or UTIITSL website. These are government authorized websites who can issue PAN card as well as make changes or corrections in existing PAN on behalf of the IT department. Online application is hassle-free and the easiest way to get PAN card.

All you need to do is fill the application, submit it along with the processing fee by online payment methods. You can post all the copies of the required documents to NSDL or UTIITSL for verification purpose.

  • Fill the details in the form as per Once you fill in all the details in the Form 49A, you need pay the charges for processing the application. Applicant from Indian communication address needs to pay Rs.107/- (inclusive of the applicable Service Tax). Applicant for foreign communication address need to pay Rs. 1017/-. 

  • After the payment for application successful using credit/debit card, demand draft or net-banking options you will get an acknowledgement receipt. Make sure you keep the acknowledgement number safely.
  • You need to post/courier your supporting documents to NSDL or UTIITSL. Once they receive the documents, the PAN application will be processed. You need to send one proof of address, proof of identity, and proof of date of birth. You can check the complete list of accepted documents here:
Once the documents are verified, the PAN card will be processed and sent to your address by post. This is all you need to do to apply for a new PAN card.



Sunday, October 21, 2018

How to Know PAN Card Status

PAN or Permanent Account Number is one of the most important documents for any Indian citizen. It is required for all eligible taxpayers of the country.

Using a PAN card makes the taxation system simple for the authorities and keeps all financial transactions transparent. If you too have applied for a new card, the following article will help you know more about how to know PAN card status.

Tracking PAN Card Application Status

You can easily know PAN card status online. All you need to do is visit the official PAN, TIN-NSDL website and check the PAN status online.

You can visit the following websites to check your PAN card status.


How to Know PAN Card Status Using Acknowledgement Number?

  • When you apply for a PAN card online or office, you will get a receipt with acknowledgement number.
  • Use this acknowledgement number go to Select the Application Type PAN- New/ Change or TAN – New/Change.
  • Enter the Acknowledgement Number and then enter the Captcha code.
  • Hit the Submit button and you will get the status of your PAN Card.

How to Know PAN Card Status Using DOB and Name?

  • Go to and select the Application Type to Pan – New/ Change Request.
  • Enter the Acknowledge Number and in case you don’t have it, enter the Name and DOB that will be printed on the PAN card.
  • Hit Submit and get information on the PAN card status.

How to Know PAN Card Status Using UTI Website?

  • Go to UTI website and enter the Application Coupon Number or the PAN number (in case of changes in PAN card).
  • Enter the Captcha and hit Submit to get the status of your PAN card.
  • This is all you need to do to know PAN card status. Make sure you have the acknowledgement number ready when you visit the official websites for PAN card status.



Saturday, October 6, 2018

How to Update address on Aadhaar Card

Procedure for Updating address on Aadhaar Card Online and Offline

Aadhaar card although not mandatory is still an important identity document for all Indians. It may so happen one may need to change certain information such as change in name, address, registered mobile number, date of birth (DOB), marital status, etc. on Aadhaar card.


If you check the UIDAI helpline or ask any official at an Aadhaar enrolment center, it says that Aadhaar that is not any transaction, or lined with any bank account or PAN for continuous 3 years, it becomes inactive. Thus, every 3 years you need to update your Aadhaar.

In such a situation, you need to know the procedure for updating Aadhaar card online and offline. The following guide will help you understand how to update Aadhaar card online and offline.

How to Update Address on Aadhaar Card Online?

Aadhaar card users who have their mobile numbers and/or email address registered with Aadhaar.

  • Visit
  • Click on the link
  • Here, under Aadhaar Update click on Address Update Request (Online)

  • Once you click the link a new window will open with all the instructions related to self-service update portal. In the end, you will have a link that says To submit your address update/ correction request please Proceed. Click on Proceed.
  • In the next page, you will need to enter your Aadhaar number/VID and enter the Text Verification code. Click on Send OTP or Enter TOTP.
  • You will be lead to Data Update Request where you need to select Address and click on Submit.
  • In Enter data for update and enter all your contact details carefully. And click on Submit Update Request.
  • Upload all the supporting document copies and on successful completion of the procedure, a URN or Update Request Number will be generated.
  • Use the URN number to check the status of update in Aadhaar card online.

How to Update address on Aadhaar Card Offline?

When you check the Aadhaar website, the link for updating on data offline via post has been removed. Now, you can do it only by visiting a nearby enrolment center. These enrolment centers are found in various national banks as well as post offices. One can just visit these centers and get their information updated

Just visit a center closest to you with all the required original documents and their self-attested copies. You will be asked to fill a form to enter the details that need to be updated. The official will check your documents and enter the details online. They will even ask you to provide your biometric information for verification such as your fingerprints and eye scan. Once it is done, you will be given an Acknowledgement slip that will contain all the corrected/updated details.

The fee to update your Aadhaar details is just Rs.30. You can locate the nearest Aadhaar Kendra by checking on uidai/, or call on 1947 for more details. You will be able to download your new updated Aadhaar card online after 7 to 10 days. You can even get your updated Aadhaar card after 30 to 35 days by post.

As you can see it is a very easy and simple procedure for updating Aadhaar card online and offline. Make sure you have all the supporting documents ready to update your Aadhaar.



Monday, October 1, 2018

How to Make Homemade Buttermilk?

How to Make Homemade Buttermilk? 

Buttermilk in India is something that is made from curd or churning butter from milk. It is considered to be a natural coolant drink for the hot Indian summers. Traditionally called as chaas, it is known as buttermilk in English.

It is said to be a natural digestive and helps in maintaining one’s body temperature. It is considered to be a healthy option for those on a diet as it contains no sugar. Buttermilk contains all the benefits of curd yet it is watered down to reduce the fat content.

In other countries, buttermilk is considered to be a great ingredient in recipes such as pancakes and waffles. It is also added to Red Velvet cakes to make it extra soft and delicious. Let us see how to make homemade buttermilk that is way better than store bought buttermilk.

Making Buttermilk the Western Way


  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice freshly squeezed or white vinegar
  • 1 cup milk

Method of Preparation

Pour milk in a bowl and stir a tablespoon of two of lemon juice or vinegar with the milk.
Allow it to sit for about 5 minutes and let the milk curdle. The milk will now become acidic.
Mix it well and your buttermilk is ready.

Making Buttermilk the Indian Way


  • 2 cups curd
  • 2 chopped green chilies
  • Bunch of freshly chopped coriander
  • Couple of curry leaves
  • 1 teaspoon rock salt or black salt
  • Salt to taste

Method of Preparation

  • Add all the ingredients into the curd and give it a good mix.
  • Using a blender or food processor with whipping blade mix the ingredients well.
  • In a large vessel, add 2 cups chilled water and add in the mixture. Mix well to avoid any lumps.
  • Leave it in the refrigerator for at least 20 minutes to set.
  • You can serve it by sprinkling it with chat masala.

You can try various combinations when preparing buttermilk the Indian way.You could add fresh mint leaves along with freshly crushed ginger roots to the curd and mix gently.

Or you could add a big pinch of asafetida along with curry leaves, chopped ginger and chilies to your curd and mix them well.

There are many possibilities of creating buttermilk using different ingredients. Plain and simple buttermilk is a great ingredient for many baked dishes such as muffins, Red Velvet, pancakes, etc. As you can see how to make buttermilk at home is a simple process with many sweet (or salty!) benefits.



How to Promote Your Website for Free

Are you a business owner looking forward to promote your website on a budget? There are many ways that help you with website promotion at zero cost. You read that right. There are ways that can help you promote your website at no cost.

Promoting a Website for Free

You cannot send free fliers or post posters for free when promoting your website. There is a bit more that you need to do to promote a website. The best ways to promote your website for free are as follows:

1. Get Directory Listings

There are many websites that allow listing of business or other websites for free. These websites tend to have a business model where the basic listing is for free. If you choose a paid version, you can post more than just your website link. You could load pictures, videos, etc. However, just posting your links can help users find their way to your website through Internet back linking.

2. Comment on Blogs and Forums

You need to be active on industry blogs and forums. Comment and link your websites on different blogs and forums. However, make sure your comments are not spammy or appear overtly promotional. Make it subtle and make sure it helps get your link reach the right people.

3. Send an E-Mail

E-mail is one of the traditional ways of getting your website link reach many people. When you have established communication with clients via email, it is good to send them your company website link. This way they can learn more about your company and reach your business easily.

4. Use Complimentary PR

If you have a good article or news piece related to the industry, you could submit it to through PR services. These PR services just like directories tend to allow free fundamental press releases. These include Free Press Release or With these submissions, you will not just get free publicity to some extent but also gain backlinks easily.

5. Try Social Media Bookmarking

The best way to reach maximum people easily and for free is using social media platforms. Facebook,Instagram, Twitter, Google+, as well as Twitter are some of the favorite social media websites for business owners. Build an active page on these websites and get yourself a steady stream of followers. Post pictures of your products or services and communicate directly with your followers. They will definitely check out your website link and most probably help you earn sales for your commercial website.

6. Join Related Online Communities

Become a part of an online community and sign up for forums. Keep posting about your website as well as answer questions or provide solutions to the queries posted. If you offer a service, it could help you explain potential clients how your company could help them directly. This way you are not just helping those in need, but also promoting your business website for free.

7. Join Deal Websites

There are many deal site such as Coupon Dunia, Groupon, Nearby, Zomato, etc. wherein millions of users visit daily to find a great deal of the day. You can join any of these websites and agree upon a good discount deal for your services. You need to give a certain commission percentage to the deal site. Make sure the deals or discounts do not affect your business and help earn you profit by getting more customers.

There are many other ways to promote your websites for free. These include posting YouTube videos or optimizing your website via SEO for better Google rankings. It is not necessary to spend big bucks promoting your website when you are running low on funds. Be active online and find ways to promote your commercial website on a Zero budget.

How to make French toast?

A French toast. The iconic breakfast that has been a treat for many for so long. However, most of us end up with a burnt, soggy toast. We will show you how to make French toast that is golden, crispy, and a truly delicious breakfast treat.

Making the Perfect French toast

A perfect French toast is browned and crispy on the outside and is creamy within. You cannot have a dry or soggy French toast. The flavor is rich, custard flavor and sweetened with sugar and maple syrup.

What You Need for Preparing a French toast

  • 3 large eggs
  • 1 cup milk
  • Pinch of salt
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 8 slices of rich bread that is about 1 inch thick
  • 2 to 3 tablespoon butter
  • Toppings as per your choice

Cooking a French toast

Whisk eggs, milk, salt, and sugar together in a cake pan till all the ingredients are mixed together. Place a frying pan on the stove over medium-low heat. Soak your bread slices in the custard for about 1 minute. Then flip over and soak the bread slices for another minute.

Add 1 tablespoon of butter in the pan and when it foams tilt the pan to coat the bottom completely. Take one slice of bread from the custard and drip off the excess custard in the pan. Place the bread gently in the frying pan and repeat with the other slices.

After a few minutes, see if the bread has become golden and browned. Flip each piece and continue cooking. Make sure you do not burn the toast, therefore keep adjusting the heat accordingly.
Add cinnamon or nutmeg powder to the custard or a dash of vanilla for taste. You can top the toast with Maple syrup or use other kinds of fruit sauces or jams.

This is all about how to make a French toast. Just be calm and keep an eye on your toast when on the stove. You will definitely be able to make tasty French toasts for your breakfast.



Wednesday, September 26, 2018

How to Make Pizza Dough?

Pizza are an all-time favorite for adults and kids. Just mentioning pizza makes kids and adults jump up with joy. If you are someone who loves making food right in their kitchen rather than calling up a restaurant for home delivery, then making pizza may sound fun. You can make pizza right from scratch right in your kitchen. You can start with making pizza dough and end up creating a yummy pizza with delicious toppings.

So, let us quickly learn how to make pizza dough and enjoy a freshly baked pizza right at home.
Making Pizza Dough at Home


  • 1 ½ cups warm water
  • 2 teaspoons dried yeast
  • 4 cups plain flour, plus extra flour for dusting
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • A pinch of castor sugar
  • ¼ cup olive oil, plus extra for brushing

Method of Preparation

Mix warm water, yeast and sugar together and leave it aside to froth. If it does not froth after a few minutes, discard it. Try mixing it again as your water may be too warm or your yeast may have gone bad.

Combine the salt, flour and the yeast-water mixture together along with the oil. You can mix it in the mixer or better use your hands to combine the ingredients. Your pizza dough must be sticky and not too tacky. Once you make a nice big ball of dough brush it with oil and place it on a floured surface. Keep kneading it for about 10 minutes, till it becomes smooth and elastic. Place it in a bowl and cover it with a plastic wrap. Place it in a warm, draught-free place to rise for about 30 minutes or until it doubles in size.

Now, sprinkle flour on your work table and lightly punch the dough. Work with your hands together and make a smooth ball. Divide the ball in 3 equal portions. You pizza dough is ready to bake.
Use your hands to stretch the dough and avoid rolling it. Add your favorite toppings and bake your homemade pizza dough into a delicious pizza.

How to Get Pregnant Fast?

Ready to have a baby? You need to plan a bit before you and your partner begin with your baby-making. If you are keen on trying to have a baby, the following tips on how to get pregnant fast will help you achieve your dream.

Tips to Get Pregnant

Many couples think getting off contraption and having sex will lead them to pregnancy. However, it does not always happen like that and many couples panic thinking there is something wrong with them. You will be surprised to note, a healthy, young couple trying to conceive during a well-timed fertility window period has only 25% chances of getting pregnant.

So don’t lose heart if you don’t conceive immediately. You need to take care of a few things that will help increase your chances of getting pregnant quickly.

Let us see how to get pregnant fast.

1. Get Yourself Examined

It is important to speak to your physician or gynecologist before you start with the baby-making process. The doctor may advice folic acid supplements or a prenatal vitamin that contains folic acid. It also makes sure you do not have any health issues that affect your chances to conceive.

2. Timing is Important

You are fertile only 6 days per month. This includes the 5 days before ovulation and the day of ovulation itself. You need to have sex every day or every alternate day during the fertile window. This will increase your chances of pregnancy. You should at least have sex a day before or two days before ovulation. Thus, helping you increase your chances of pregnancy.

3. Skip the Pill Beforehand

If you are on contraceptives, then make sure you stop before you try to conceive. This means going off contraption early before you and your partner plan pregnancy. It will bring back your natural cycle to return to normal and help you get pregnant within a few months.

4. Choose The Best Position

You can have sex in any position you and your partner enjoy. However, having sex with man-over-woman position makes sure the sperms pool in the vagina and easily swim upwards towards the eggs. There is no harm in placing a pillow under your waist and stay in an elevated position. Do not get up immediately after sex. Lie down for at least half an hour to make sure the sperms do not leak out.

5. Avoid Using Lube

One of the mistakes made by many couples is using the wrong kind of lube. Avoid using coconut oil, saliva, even olive oil as lube. These lubes tend to damage the sperm and slow them down. Instead, use ‘fertility-friendly’ lubes such as ‘Pre-seed’ or canola oil as a lube.

These are some of the things that help you get pregnant fast. Keep yourself calm, even if you don’t succeed after a few attempts. Many times it takes up to a year to get that positive test. Kick your habits such as smoking, drinking excessively, as well as cut down on caffeine. Exercise regularly and try yoga. Speak to your doctor and keep trying. You will surely get pregnant when the timing is right.

How to Quit Smoking the Sure Way

Quitting is never easy. It is one of the hardest steps taken when you want to get freedom from nicotine addiction. We always stub the last cigarette, but end up puffing one more smoke. If you are wondering how to quit smoking then the following tips will help you take a fresh start towards a healthier you.

Ways to Quit Smoking

Once you take a decision to quit smoking, and then stay on track. The following hacks to quit smoking the sure way.

1. Relax yourself

Cravings are part of your quit smoking movement. You may want to take a puff after work or completing a chore. Instead of giving in to the cravings, you need to relax your mind. Carry out deep breathing exercises that tend to subdue the cravings and calm your mind.

2. Set a target date to quit smoking

Keep a date in mind when you wish to quit smoking. Do not try to slack off before as it might make you feel cigarettes are dearer. Instead quit smoking naturally and stop from the day you have in mind. Carry on with your work as usual and overcome the cravings.

3. Bear the physical withdrawal

The effects of physical withdrawal are very mild and with almost no pain. You won’t feel miserable, but will crave for one more stick. If you stick to your decision, this craving will pass off soon. If you usually take a puff when on a tea, coffee, or drinks break, avoid it. Keep in mind, I don’t want a cigarette and enjoy the moment as it is.

4. Stay away from triggers

Triggers are what sets you off your path from quitting. Try and avoid these triggers as much as possible. Throw away your ash trays, match sticks, lighters, cigarettes, etc. Stay away from friends who smoke during breaks and go to places where smoking is not allowed to socialize. Eat well and drink lots of water.

5. Write a note on why you wish to quit smoking

Write a note to self on why you want to quit smoking. It may be for my wife, my daughter/son, my parents, and my career or just for a healthy you. Whenever you get the cravings where you think you might give in, read this note and your resolution to quit may get stronger.

6. Start saving the money you may spend on a cigarette

Whenever you feel like a smoke, put the money you may spend on your cigarette in a glass jar. This way you will see how much you spend your money on puffing away cigarettes when you could spend it to carry out something more positive and useful in your life.

7. There is nothing like just one more

When you quit smoking, it is the end of it. There is never just one more cigarette or you will never be able to give up. The day you think you quit smoking is the day you become a non-smoker. There is never another puff that can get pass your lips.

8.Avoid substitutes

Do not go in for smoking substitutes such as an e-cigarette or patches, gums, etc. There is no point in keeping the addiction alive while you think of quitting smoking once and for all.

Be strong and enjoy the freedom of a smoke free life. Avoid falling in the trap of ‘just one more’ and remain a non-smoker.

How to Get a Visitor Visa for USA.

Planning a trip to the USA? Well, if vacation in the U.S is on your mind then you need to apply for a visitor visa.

Let us have a look at how to get a visitor visa for USA and realize your dream to have fun with your NRI relatives.

What is USA Visitor Visa?

A USA visitor visa is a tourist visa to travel to the United States of America, also known as the B2 Visa.

It is a non-immigrant visa issued to a person who wishes to travel to the US for pleasure, tourism, or even medical treatment. It can also be applied by any foreign citizen who wishes to travel to the US to visit family and friends in the US, attend special family functions or ceremonies, etc.

The B1-B2 or B2 visa for USA needs approval. You have to apply for the visa and get it stamped on the passport. The maximum length of stay in the US on visitor visa is granted at the US port of entry on arrival. One can get an extension for 6 months later on by submission of a visitor visa extension application to the USCIS with fee.

Process of Getting a Visitor Visa for USA

One needs to get approval before getting a visitor visa for USA. The applicant needs to have a valid passport, submit a duly filled application form, pay the fee, and appear at the nearest applicable US consulate in the home country for an visitor visa interview.

When applying for a visitor visa for USA from India, you need to:

1. Get a digital photograph for the applicant which is square, 600 pixels by 600 pixels(minimum) and 1200 pixels by 1200 pixels (maximum). The picture should be in color and in .jpg or .jpeg file extension. The file size should be less than 240 kilobytes.

2. Complete the visitor visa application form DS160 online and on successful completion you will get a 10-digit barcode as a confirmation. Take the print of the page as you will need it during the interview.

3. You can pay visa application fee electronically as bank transfer or pay in cash at the designated bank throughout India. Once paid, you need to take a date for the interview within a year from the date of payment.

4. You need to schedule 2 appointments as a part of the visitor visa process. This two-part appointment process consists of an appointment with the Offsite Facilitation Center (OFC) to give Biometrics information. This information includes fingerprinting and photograph. The second appointment is with the consulate or Embassy for personal visa interview.

5. Make sure you schedule the fingerprinting appointment a day or two before you schedule the interview at the consulate.

6. When you go for your interview at the consulate make sure you carry all the mandatory and supporting documents as well as the originals.

These documents include:

  • Your passport (new and old, if any)
  • Your photograph’DS160 confirmation page stamped at the VAC
  • Visa application fee receipts
  • Interview appointment letter
  • Supporting documents

7. The consular officer will interview you and determine if you are qualified to be granted a visitor visa, or another category which will be appropriate for your travel. After the interview the officer will inform you if the application requires further administrative processing. Once approved, you will need to pay the visa issuance fee and make arrangements for the return of the passport and visa to you.

8. Once you reach the U.S. port-of-entry, you will need to request permission to enter the United States. The visa does not guarantee entry into the United States. The officials of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) at the port-of-entry have the authority to grant permit or deny admission to the United States. When you are allowed to enter, the CBP official will provide an admission stamp or a paper Form 1-94, Arrival/Department Record.

This is all about how to get a visitor visa for USA. Keep all your documents and visa application fees ready and get ready to fly to your dream destination for recreational purposes only on a visitor visa for USA.

How to Deal with Stress?

Stress has become a common scenario in today’s fast paced world. Work deadlines, traffic jams, financial constraints, relationship problems, emotional upheaval, health, love life, family issues, exams, results, arguments, and much more can lead to stress in people. Stress is a natural phenomenon that the body undergoes as a part of the negative pressure it undergoes.

Stress can lead to anxiety, depression, heart problems, high blood pressure, diabetes and many other related conditions. For some, stress is a great way to perform better and win over their problems. It is manageable if you know how to deal with stress. Let us see some great tips that will help you deal with stress in a positive way.

What is Stress?

Stress is the body’s way to respond to the internal and external pressures placed on it. The internal pressures include hunger, health, sleep deprivation, emotional turmoil, etc. The external pressures include work pressures, relationship problems, family issues, financial issues, school or college pressures, and now-a-days, social media pressures.

Stress is a survival mechanism of the body wherein it releases chemicals that tell it is in danger and needs to respond. You will observe increase in heart rate, rapid breathing, sweating, anddry mouth. These do not have long-term effects on the body, but helps a person deal with the stressors. However, long-term stress can lead to release of cortisol and adrenaline hormones that makes a body vulnerable to obesity, depression, heart diseases, etc.

How to Overcome Stress?

The best way to overcome stress is taking control of the situation, having a strong family and friend support as well as keeping a positive attitude.

1.Say ‘No’ When Required

One of the major reasons of stress in people is that they do not know when to say ‘No’. People will keep pushing responsibility towards you in order to get rid of their stress. This may include pushing more work towards you at work, giving you additional responsibilities at home or expecting more than you can handle. This will place additional burden over you not just physically, but also mentally, and emotionally. Many fear they may not be liked or may appear to be rude. However, these are just barriers created within your mind. Think of some polite way to refuse additional responsibilities and saying ‘No’ when you cannot handle it all.

2.Time Management

Many times, we forget our genuine priorities and turn over to procrastination. Thus, we run out of time as the deadline nears and cause unnecessary stress and panic in the race to complete a task. Thus, make sure you complete work before you think of taking a break. Effective time management will make sure your tasks are spread out within a manageable time frame and get completed on time. Delegations of work helps save precious time and give you a buffer time to double check all as well as give you ample of time to relax and overcome stress.

3.Sleep Well

Lack of sleep causes whirlwind of thoughts going through the mind and does not give a chance to the body to unwind itself and be better prepared for the next day. You need to relax, avoid caffeine, smoking, and drinking alcohol that will lead to a disturbed sleep pattern. Avoid doing any mentally challenging work before you sleep. Take a warm bath or read a calming book or listen to soothing music before you sleep. Forget all worries and keep away all screens from your eyes that include the television, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc. You need at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep daily to relax your mind and body.

4.Take Part in Physical Activities

Being a couch potato or doing hours of desk job will do no good to your physical as well as mental well-begin. Take part in physical activities that help release hormones in that metabolize excessive stress hormones. This relaxes the body and mind from its stressful state. Take a brisk walk in fresh air or take part in games such as football, basketball, etc. Even playing with your kids or pets will help you become physically active. Join a gym and exercise regularly to remain physically active. Ditch using the elevators and climb the stairs to keep your body physically active.

5.Avoid Caffeine and Nicotine

Caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, drugs all increase the level of stress in your body. They are often thought to decrease stress levels, instead they are stimulants that increase the level of stress within your body. Alcohol turns out to be depressant when taken in large quantities; caffeinated drinks are stimulants that make your mind more alert than relax. Instead drink fresh natural juices, water, herbal teas, etc. as they not just hydrate the body, but also helps flush out toxins and radicals that increase stress within your body.

6.Keep a Strong Emotional Network

A strong emotional network means having close friends and family. Talking to your friends and family, spending some quality fun time helps one cope better with stress. Friends and family instill a feeling of positivity in your mind and makes you find ways to fight your stress. Speaking to a close friend about your problems may help you find a way to deal with the stress and become a stronger, better person.

Keep a balance of work and relaxation. Do not burn the midnight oil 24/7. Timeouts are absolutely necessary to keep your mind and body healthy. Acknowledge the choices, good or bad, you make and accept responsibility for it. There is no point in running away from responsibility as it will lead to more stress in the long run. Try meditation and yoga to free your mind of all the boundaries you set for yourself. At times, you need to stay away from the crowd and hear your own thoughts. This will give you a chance to self-retrospect and find ways to deal with stress.