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How to Make Pizza Dough?

Pizza are an all-time favorite for adults and kids. Just mentioning pizza makes kids and adults jump up with joy. If you are someone who loves making food right in their kitchen rather than calling up a restaurant for home delivery, then making pizza may sound fun. You can make pizza right from scratch right in your kitchen. You can start with making pizza dough and end up creating a yummy pizza with delicious toppings.

So, let us quickly learn how to make pizza dough and enjoy a freshly baked pizza right at home.
Making Pizza Dough at Home


  • 1 ½ cups warm water
  • 2 teaspoons dried yeast
  • 4 cups plain flour, plus extra flour for dusting
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • A pinch of castor sugar
  • ¼ cup olive oil, plus extra for brushing

Method of Preparation

Mix warm water, yeast and sugar together and leave it aside to froth. If it does not froth after a few minutes, discard it. Try mixing it again as your water may be too warm or your yeast may have gone bad.

Combine the salt, flour and the yeast-water mixture together along with the oil. You can mix it in the mixer or better use your hands to combine the ingredients. Your pizza dough must be sticky and not too tacky. Once you make a nice big ball of dough brush it with oil and place it on a floured surface. Keep kneading it for about 10 minutes, till it becomes smooth and elastic. Place it in a bowl and cover it with a plastic wrap. Place it in a warm, draught-free place to rise for about 30 minutes or until it doubles in size.

Now, sprinkle flour on your work table and lightly punch the dough. Work with your hands together and make a smooth ball. Divide the ball in 3 equal portions. You pizza dough is ready to bake.
Use your hands to stretch the dough and avoid rolling it. Add your favorite toppings and bake your homemade pizza dough into a delicious pizza.

How to Get Pregnant Fast?

Ready to have a baby? You need to plan a bit before you and your partner begin with your baby-making. If you are keen on trying to have a baby, the following tips on how to get pregnant fast will help you achieve your dream.

Tips to Get Pregnant

Many couples think getting off contraption and having sex will lead them to pregnancy. However, it does not always happen like that and many couples panic thinking there is something wrong with them. You will be surprised to note, a healthy, young couple trying to conceive during a well-timed fertility window period has only 25% chances of getting pregnant.

So don’t lose heart if you don’t conceive immediately. You need to take care of a few things that will help increase your chances of getting pregnant quickly.

Let us see how to get pregnant fast.

1. Get Yourself Examined

It is important to speak to your physician or gynecologist before you start with the baby-making process. The doctor may advice folic acid supplements or a prenatal vitamin that contains folic acid. It also makes sure you do not have any health issues that affect your chances to conceive.

2. Timing is Important

You are fertile only 6 days per month. This includes the 5 days before ovulation and the day of ovulation itself. You need to have sex every day or every alternate day during the fertile window. This will increase your chances of pregnancy. You should at least have sex a day before or two days before ovulation. Thus, helping you increase your chances of pregnancy.

3. Skip the Pill Beforehand

If you are on contraceptives, then make sure you stop before you try to conceive. This means going off contraption early before you and your partner plan pregnancy. It will bring back your natural cycle to return to normal and help you get pregnant within a few months.

4. Choose The Best Position

You can have sex in any position you and your partner enjoy. However, having sex with man-over-woman position makes sure the sperms pool in the vagina and easily swim upwards towards the eggs. There is no harm in placing a pillow under your waist and stay in an elevated position. Do not get up immediately after sex. Lie down for at least half an hour to make sure the sperms do not leak out.

5. Avoid Using Lube

One of the mistakes made by many couples is using the wrong kind of lube. Avoid using coconut oil, saliva, even olive oil as lube. These lubes tend to damage the sperm and slow them down. Instead, use ‘fertility-friendly’ lubes such as ‘Pre-seed’ or canola oil as a lube.

These are some of the things that help you get pregnant fast. Keep yourself calm, even if you don’t succeed after a few attempts. Many times it takes up to a year to get that positive test. Kick your habits such as smoking, drinking excessively, as well as cut down on caffeine. Exercise regularly and try yoga. Speak to your doctor and keep trying. You will surely get pregnant when the timing is right.

How to Quit Smoking the Sure Way

Quitting is never easy. It is one of the hardest steps taken when you want to get freedom from nicotine addiction. We always stub the last cigarette, but end up puffing one more smoke. If you are wondering how to quit smoking then the following tips will help you take a fresh start towards a healthier you.

Ways to Quit Smoking

Once you take a decision to quit smoking, and then stay on track. The following hacks to quit smoking the sure way.

1. Relax yourself

Cravings are part of your quit smoking movement. You may want to take a puff after work or completing a chore. Instead of giving in to the cravings, you need to relax your mind. Carry out deep breathing exercises that tend to subdue the cravings and calm your mind.

2. Set a target date to quit smoking

Keep a date in mind when you wish to quit smoking. Do not try to slack off before as it might make you feel cigarettes are dearer. Instead quit smoking naturally and stop from the day you have in mind. Carry on with your work as usual and overcome the cravings.

3. Bear the physical withdrawal

The effects of physical withdrawal are very mild and with almost no pain. You won’t feel miserable, but will crave for one more stick. If you stick to your decision, this craving will pass off soon. If you usually take a puff when on a tea, coffee, or drinks break, avoid it. Keep in mind, I don’t want a cigarette and enjoy the moment as it is.

4. Stay away from triggers

Triggers are what sets you off your path from quitting. Try and avoid these triggers as much as possible. Throw away your ash trays, match sticks, lighters, cigarettes, etc. Stay away from friends who smoke during breaks and go to places where smoking is not allowed to socialize. Eat well and drink lots of water.

5. Write a note on why you wish to quit smoking

Write a note to self on why you want to quit smoking. It may be for my wife, my daughter/son, my parents, and my career or just for a healthy you. Whenever you get the cravings where you think you might give in, read this note and your resolution to quit may get stronger.

6. Start saving the money you may spend on a cigarette

Whenever you feel like a smoke, put the money you may spend on your cigarette in a glass jar. This way you will see how much you spend your money on puffing away cigarettes when you could spend it to carry out something more positive and useful in your life.

7. There is nothing like just one more

When you quit smoking, it is the end of it. There is never just one more cigarette or you will never be able to give up. The day you think you quit smoking is the day you become a non-smoker. There is never another puff that can get pass your lips.

8.Avoid substitutes

Do not go in for smoking substitutes such as an e-cigarette or patches, gums, etc. There is no point in keeping the addiction alive while you think of quitting smoking once and for all.

Be strong and enjoy the freedom of a smoke free life. Avoid falling in the trap of ‘just one more’ and remain a non-smoker.

How to Get a Visitor Visa for USA.

Planning a trip to the USA? Well, if vacation in the U.S is on your mind then you need to apply for a visitor visa.

Let us have a look at how to get a visitor visa for USA and realize your dream to have fun with your NRI relatives.

What is USA Visitor Visa?

A USA visitor visa is a tourist visa to travel to the United States of America, also known as the B2 Visa.

It is a non-immigrant visa issued to a person who wishes to travel to the US for pleasure, tourism, or even medical treatment. It can also be applied by any foreign citizen who wishes to travel to the US to visit family and friends in the US, attend special family functions or ceremonies, etc.

The B1-B2 or B2 visa for USA needs approval. You have to apply for the visa and get it stamped on the passport. The maximum length of stay in the US on visitor visa is granted at the US port of entry on arrival. One can get an extension for 6 months later on by submission of a visitor visa extension application to the USCIS with fee.

Process of Getting a Visitor Visa for USA

One needs to get approval before getting a visitor visa for USA. The applicant needs to have a valid passport, submit a duly filled application form, pay the fee, and appear at the nearest applicable US consulate in the home country for an visitor visa interview.

When applying for a visitor visa for USA from India, you need to:

1. Get a digital photograph for the applicant which is square, 600 pixels by 600 pixels(minimum) and 1200 pixels by 1200 pixels (maximum). The picture should be in color and in .jpg or .jpeg file extension. The file size should be less than 240 kilobytes.

2. Complete the visitor visa application form DS160 online and on successful completion you will get a 10-digit barcode as a confirmation. Take the print of the page as you will need it during the interview.

3. You can pay visa application fee electronically as bank transfer or pay in cash at the designated bank throughout India. Once paid, you need to take a date for the interview within a year from the date of payment.

4. You need to schedule 2 appointments as a part of the visitor visa process. This two-part appointment process consists of an appointment with the Offsite Facilitation Center (OFC) to give Biometrics information. This information includes fingerprinting and photograph. The second appointment is with the consulate or Embassy for personal visa interview.

5. Make sure you schedule the fingerprinting appointment a day or two before you schedule the interview at the consulate.

6. When you go for your interview at the consulate make sure you carry all the mandatory and supporting documents as well as the originals.

These documents include:

  • Your passport (new and old, if any)
  • Your photograph’DS160 confirmation page stamped at the VAC
  • Visa application fee receipts
  • Interview appointment letter
  • Supporting documents

7. The consular officer will interview you and determine if you are qualified to be granted a visitor visa, or another category which will be appropriate for your travel. After the interview the officer will inform you if the application requires further administrative processing. Once approved, you will need to pay the visa issuance fee and make arrangements for the return of the passport and visa to you.

8. Once you reach the U.S. port-of-entry, you will need to request permission to enter the United States. The visa does not guarantee entry into the United States. The officials of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) at the port-of-entry have the authority to grant permit or deny admission to the United States. When you are allowed to enter, the CBP official will provide an admission stamp or a paper Form 1-94, Arrival/Department Record.

This is all about how to get a visitor visa for USA. Keep all your documents and visa application fees ready and get ready to fly to your dream destination for recreational purposes only on a visitor visa for USA.

How to Deal with Stress?

Stress has become a common scenario in today’s fast paced world. Work deadlines, traffic jams, financial constraints, relationship problems, emotional upheaval, health, love life, family issues, exams, results, arguments, and much more can lead to stress in people. Stress is a natural phenomenon that the body undergoes as a part of the negative pressure it undergoes.

Stress can lead to anxiety, depression, heart problems, high blood pressure, diabetes and many other related conditions. For some, stress is a great way to perform better and win over their problems. It is manageable if you know how to deal with stress. Let us see some great tips that will help you deal with stress in a positive way.

What is Stress?

Stress is the body’s way to respond to the internal and external pressures placed on it. The internal pressures include hunger, health, sleep deprivation, emotional turmoil, etc. The external pressures include work pressures, relationship problems, family issues, financial issues, school or college pressures, and now-a-days, social media pressures.

Stress is a survival mechanism of the body wherein it releases chemicals that tell it is in danger and needs to respond. You will observe increase in heart rate, rapid breathing, sweating, anddry mouth. These do not have long-term effects on the body, but helps a person deal with the stressors. However, long-term stress can lead to release of cortisol and adrenaline hormones that makes a body vulnerable to obesity, depression, heart diseases, etc.

How to Overcome Stress?

The best way to overcome stress is taking control of the situation, having a strong family and friend support as well as keeping a positive attitude.

1.Say ‘No’ When Required

One of the major reasons of stress in people is that they do not know when to say ‘No’. People will keep pushing responsibility towards you in order to get rid of their stress. This may include pushing more work towards you at work, giving you additional responsibilities at home or expecting more than you can handle. This will place additional burden over you not just physically, but also mentally, and emotionally. Many fear they may not be liked or may appear to be rude. However, these are just barriers created within your mind. Think of some polite way to refuse additional responsibilities and saying ‘No’ when you cannot handle it all.

2.Time Management

Many times, we forget our genuine priorities and turn over to procrastination. Thus, we run out of time as the deadline nears and cause unnecessary stress and panic in the race to complete a task. Thus, make sure you complete work before you think of taking a break. Effective time management will make sure your tasks are spread out within a manageable time frame and get completed on time. Delegations of work helps save precious time and give you a buffer time to double check all as well as give you ample of time to relax and overcome stress.

3.Sleep Well

Lack of sleep causes whirlwind of thoughts going through the mind and does not give a chance to the body to unwind itself and be better prepared for the next day. You need to relax, avoid caffeine, smoking, and drinking alcohol that will lead to a disturbed sleep pattern. Avoid doing any mentally challenging work before you sleep. Take a warm bath or read a calming book or listen to soothing music before you sleep. Forget all worries and keep away all screens from your eyes that include the television, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc. You need at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep daily to relax your mind and body.

4.Take Part in Physical Activities

Being a couch potato or doing hours of desk job will do no good to your physical as well as mental well-begin. Take part in physical activities that help release hormones in that metabolize excessive stress hormones. This relaxes the body and mind from its stressful state. Take a brisk walk in fresh air or take part in games such as football, basketball, etc. Even playing with your kids or pets will help you become physically active. Join a gym and exercise regularly to remain physically active. Ditch using the elevators and climb the stairs to keep your body physically active.

5.Avoid Caffeine and Nicotine

Caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, drugs all increase the level of stress in your body. They are often thought to decrease stress levels, instead they are stimulants that increase the level of stress within your body. Alcohol turns out to be depressant when taken in large quantities; caffeinated drinks are stimulants that make your mind more alert than relax. Instead drink fresh natural juices, water, herbal teas, etc. as they not just hydrate the body, but also helps flush out toxins and radicals that increase stress within your body.

6.Keep a Strong Emotional Network

A strong emotional network means having close friends and family. Talking to your friends and family, spending some quality fun time helps one cope better with stress. Friends and family instill a feeling of positivity in your mind and makes you find ways to fight your stress. Speaking to a close friend about your problems may help you find a way to deal with the stress and become a stronger, better person.

Keep a balance of work and relaxation. Do not burn the midnight oil 24/7. Timeouts are absolutely necessary to keep your mind and body healthy. Acknowledge the choices, good or bad, you make and accept responsibility for it. There is no point in running away from responsibility as it will lead to more stress in the long run. Try meditation and yoga to free your mind of all the boundaries you set for yourself. At times, you need to stay away from the crowd and hear your own thoughts. This will give you a chance to self-retrospect and find ways to deal with stress.

How to Write the Perfect Resume

Trying to write a resume that will impress your future employer in first glance?

Writing the perfect resume is no easy task. You need to present yourself, share your accomplishments, demonstrate career progress, and much more in less than 1 page. If you too are wondering how to write the perfect resume, then continue reading. We will discuss some of the dos and don’ts that help you reach a near-perfect resume.

Perfect Resume Tip#1

Keep it simple

When writing a resume, minimize the use of fancy fonts and content. Many employers still prefer the traditional, formal tone of a resume. Use fonts such as Calibri, Arial, and Helvetica. Use font size that is about 11-point or larger. Make sure a potential employer can read your resume.

Perfect Resume Tip #2

Place your name on the top

Type your name on the top in bold using a 14-point or larger font. Place your contact information right under it in a font size that is slightly smaller than what you used for your name. Keep the margins up to 1-inch on all side and make sure you retain the white space. Never go in for a narrow or 0.5 inches margin. It will make the resume look too crammed.

Perfect Resume Tip #3

Important Headings Should Stand Out

Headings in your resume should be typed in a font-size that is larger than the text body. Keep it a point or two smaller than your name font-size. Keep the names of your company in bold or italicize your previous job titles.

Perfect Resume Tip #4

Include a job objective

You should include a job objective in your resume. It should be able to explain who you are and what is it that you are looking for in a job within 30-seconds.

Perfect Resume Tip #5


The resume length reflects your experience in years

The number of pages you use for your resume indicates the experience you have in your career in years. If you have less than 10 years of experience and are still in your twenties, then one A4 size page is enough for your resume. However, if you have an experience of more than 10 years, then it won’t be a hassle to add a second page.

Perfect Resume Tip #6

Write only what is necessary

Cut down on all the irrelevant details and information and stick to just the data that matters. No point in adding you worked at a coffee shop during summers if you already have relevant company experience.

Perfect Resume Tip #7

Keep your educational information brisk

When writing about your educational details, just fill in the name of your college, degree and the year of graduation. Listing your high school education and related activities need to be mentioned only when you have no experience or have no education beyond school.

Perfect Resume Tip #8

Skip the hobbies

There is no need to mention you hobbies in your resume. Your future employer is not interested to note what extracurricular activities you indulged in school or college. All they need to know if you are the right person for the job.

Perfect Resume Tip #9

No need to list references

A resume does not call for references. If the future employer needs references, they will specifically ask for it. Unless and until they ask for a cover letter, resume along with references, do not include them. Just mail them your resume.

Do not just blindly copy a template or sample off the Internet. You can use these templates and samples as a guideline, but create your own resume. Employers will definitely notice you taking an extra effort and not just blindly aping what others have been doing. Use these elements write the perfect resume. Because first impressions are often the most powerful impressions.