Wednesday, September 26, 2018

How to Get a Visitor Visa for USA.

Planning a trip to the USA? Well, if vacation in the U.S is on your mind then you need to apply for a visitor visa.

Let us have a look at how to get a visitor visa for USA and realize your dream to have fun with your NRI relatives.

What is USA Visitor Visa?

A USA visitor visa is a tourist visa to travel to the United States of America, also known as the B2 Visa.

It is a non-immigrant visa issued to a person who wishes to travel to the US for pleasure, tourism, or even medical treatment. It can also be applied by any foreign citizen who wishes to travel to the US to visit family and friends in the US, attend special family functions or ceremonies, etc.

The B1-B2 or B2 visa for USA needs approval. You have to apply for the visa and get it stamped on the passport. The maximum length of stay in the US on visitor visa is granted at the US port of entry on arrival. One can get an extension for 6 months later on by submission of a visitor visa extension application to the USCIS with fee.

Process of Getting a Visitor Visa for USA

One needs to get approval before getting a visitor visa for USA. The applicant needs to have a valid passport, submit a duly filled application form, pay the fee, and appear at the nearest applicable US consulate in the home country for an visitor visa interview.

When applying for a visitor visa for USA from India, you need to:

1. Get a digital photograph for the applicant which is square, 600 pixels by 600 pixels(minimum) and 1200 pixels by 1200 pixels (maximum). The picture should be in color and in .jpg or .jpeg file extension. The file size should be less than 240 kilobytes.

2. Complete the visitor visa application form DS160 online and on successful completion you will get a 10-digit barcode as a confirmation. Take the print of the page as you will need it during the interview.

3. You can pay visa application fee electronically as bank transfer or pay in cash at the designated bank throughout India. Once paid, you need to take a date for the interview within a year from the date of payment.

4. You need to schedule 2 appointments as a part of the visitor visa process. This two-part appointment process consists of an appointment with the Offsite Facilitation Center (OFC) to give Biometrics information. This information includes fingerprinting and photograph. The second appointment is with the consulate or Embassy for personal visa interview.

5. Make sure you schedule the fingerprinting appointment a day or two before you schedule the interview at the consulate.

6. When you go for your interview at the consulate make sure you carry all the mandatory and supporting documents as well as the originals.

These documents include:

  • Your passport (new and old, if any)
  • Your photograph’DS160 confirmation page stamped at the VAC
  • Visa application fee receipts
  • Interview appointment letter
  • Supporting documents

7. The consular officer will interview you and determine if you are qualified to be granted a visitor visa, or another category which will be appropriate for your travel. After the interview the officer will inform you if the application requires further administrative processing. Once approved, you will need to pay the visa issuance fee and make arrangements for the return of the passport and visa to you.

8. Once you reach the U.S. port-of-entry, you will need to request permission to enter the United States. The visa does not guarantee entry into the United States. The officials of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) at the port-of-entry have the authority to grant permit or deny admission to the United States. When you are allowed to enter, the CBP official will provide an admission stamp or a paper Form 1-94, Arrival/Department Record.

This is all about how to get a visitor visa for USA. Keep all your documents and visa application fees ready and get ready to fly to your dream destination for recreational purposes only on a visitor visa for USA.

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