Wednesday, September 26, 2018

How to Quit Smoking the Sure Way

Quitting is never easy. It is one of the hardest steps taken when you want to get freedom from nicotine addiction. We always stub the last cigarette, but end up puffing one more smoke. If you are wondering how to quit smoking then the following tips will help you take a fresh start towards a healthier you.

Ways to Quit Smoking

Once you take a decision to quit smoking, and then stay on track. The following hacks to quit smoking the sure way.

1. Relax yourself

Cravings are part of your quit smoking movement. You may want to take a puff after work or completing a chore. Instead of giving in to the cravings, you need to relax your mind. Carry out deep breathing exercises that tend to subdue the cravings and calm your mind.

2. Set a target date to quit smoking

Keep a date in mind when you wish to quit smoking. Do not try to slack off before as it might make you feel cigarettes are dearer. Instead quit smoking naturally and stop from the day you have in mind. Carry on with your work as usual and overcome the cravings.

3. Bear the physical withdrawal

The effects of physical withdrawal are very mild and with almost no pain. You won’t feel miserable, but will crave for one more stick. If you stick to your decision, this craving will pass off soon. If you usually take a puff when on a tea, coffee, or drinks break, avoid it. Keep in mind, I don’t want a cigarette and enjoy the moment as it is.

4. Stay away from triggers

Triggers are what sets you off your path from quitting. Try and avoid these triggers as much as possible. Throw away your ash trays, match sticks, lighters, cigarettes, etc. Stay away from friends who smoke during breaks and go to places where smoking is not allowed to socialize. Eat well and drink lots of water.

5. Write a note on why you wish to quit smoking

Write a note to self on why you want to quit smoking. It may be for my wife, my daughter/son, my parents, and my career or just for a healthy you. Whenever you get the cravings where you think you might give in, read this note and your resolution to quit may get stronger.

6. Start saving the money you may spend on a cigarette

Whenever you feel like a smoke, put the money you may spend on your cigarette in a glass jar. This way you will see how much you spend your money on puffing away cigarettes when you could spend it to carry out something more positive and useful in your life.

7. There is nothing like just one more

When you quit smoking, it is the end of it. There is never just one more cigarette or you will never be able to give up. The day you think you quit smoking is the day you become a non-smoker. There is never another puff that can get pass your lips.

8.Avoid substitutes

Do not go in for smoking substitutes such as an e-cigarette or patches, gums, etc. There is no point in keeping the addiction alive while you think of quitting smoking once and for all.

Be strong and enjoy the freedom of a smoke free life. Avoid falling in the trap of ‘just one more’ and remain a non-smoker.

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