Monday, October 1, 2018

How to Promote Your Website for Free

Are you a business owner looking forward to promote your website on a budget? There are many ways that help you with website promotion at zero cost. You read that right. There are ways that can help you promote your website at no cost.

Promoting a Website for Free

You cannot send free fliers or post posters for free when promoting your website. There is a bit more that you need to do to promote a website. The best ways to promote your website for free are as follows:

1. Get Directory Listings

There are many websites that allow listing of business or other websites for free. These websites tend to have a business model where the basic listing is for free. If you choose a paid version, you can post more than just your website link. You could load pictures, videos, etc. However, just posting your links can help users find their way to your website through Internet back linking.

2. Comment on Blogs and Forums

You need to be active on industry blogs and forums. Comment and link your websites on different blogs and forums. However, make sure your comments are not spammy or appear overtly promotional. Make it subtle and make sure it helps get your link reach the right people.

3. Send an E-Mail

E-mail is one of the traditional ways of getting your website link reach many people. When you have established communication with clients via email, it is good to send them your company website link. This way they can learn more about your company and reach your business easily.

4. Use Complimentary PR

If you have a good article or news piece related to the industry, you could submit it to through PR services. These PR services just like directories tend to allow free fundamental press releases. These include Free Press Release or With these submissions, you will not just get free publicity to some extent but also gain backlinks easily.

5. Try Social Media Bookmarking

The best way to reach maximum people easily and for free is using social media platforms. Facebook,Instagram, Twitter, Google+, as well as Twitter are some of the favorite social media websites for business owners. Build an active page on these websites and get yourself a steady stream of followers. Post pictures of your products or services and communicate directly with your followers. They will definitely check out your website link and most probably help you earn sales for your commercial website.

6. Join Related Online Communities

Become a part of an online community and sign up for forums. Keep posting about your website as well as answer questions or provide solutions to the queries posted. If you offer a service, it could help you explain potential clients how your company could help them directly. This way you are not just helping those in need, but also promoting your business website for free.

7. Join Deal Websites

There are many deal site such as Coupon Dunia, Groupon, Nearby, Zomato, etc. wherein millions of users visit daily to find a great deal of the day. You can join any of these websites and agree upon a good discount deal for your services. You need to give a certain commission percentage to the deal site. Make sure the deals or discounts do not affect your business and help earn you profit by getting more customers.

There are many other ways to promote your websites for free. These include posting YouTube videos or optimizing your website via SEO for better Google rankings. It is not necessary to spend big bucks promoting your website when you are running low on funds. Be active online and find ways to promote your commercial website on a Zero budget.

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