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How to Tell If a Girl Likes You

How to Tell If a Girl Likes You: Clear Signs She’s Digging You

Across the animal kingdom, mating rituals are just as elaborated as in humans. It is often the males who need to initiate the first move, be it in animals or man. However, in humans, women tend to give subtle cues to men, indicating a romantic liaison is possible.

Alas, many studs tend to overlook or never understand these cues. They end up being labeled as weirdo or a sexual molester who preys on unsuspecting women. You need to have the knack to pick up signals that say, ‘Yes, I am interested in you’. And if you initiate an unwanted sexual move at the wrong cue, the lady might end up slapping you. Many men often hear their girls telling them ‘oh, I gave you so many clues I like you’ before they got hitched.

If you too are having a hard time understanding how to tell if a girl likes you, the following signal will help you get started.

How to Know If A Girl Has A Crush On You?

Crack the code with a few pointers discussed below to help you decipher her thoughts.

Signal #1

You catch her stealing glances at you

It is not often a girl is caught staring or glancing at a boy. If you see the girl you like stealing glances at you or suddenly turn away when you face her, means she is into you. She is trying to avoid your gaze as she does not want to make her feelings for you obvious.

Signal #2

You find her trying to look for you

You arrive at a party with a group of friends and find her trying to narrow you down within the crowd. It does not matter if she does not come up to you to talk, the fact that she was trying to see if you have come is a good signal she likes you.

Signal #3

She laughs even at your lamest jokes

You find she suddenly becomes interested in your talks and even laughs at the lamest joke you ever make. It is a sign that you are on her mind and she likes striking a conversation with you.

Signal #4

She shows signs of envy

When you speak to other girls, you find her frowning away or show her displeasure openly. She won’t appreciate you flirting openly with other girls and will throw tantrums later on. It is a sign she is way into you, dude.

Signal #5


She initiates physical contact with you

You will find her greeting you with a hug or starts touching your hand or clothes during a conversation. This means she is trying to get closer to you.

Signal #6

She tries to talk to you in private

She will linger around until others around you have left. She tries to make more private conversations, even if they are just about the weather. She is trying to be more personal with you as she likes you.

Signal #7

Her friends give away the clues

The best way to tell if a girl likes you, is by observing her friends. The band of clattering girls will suddenly become quite when you approach, or start teasing you when you try to talk to your girl. They may even ask you what you think about their friend and some close ones may even threaten you if you dare hurt their friend’s feelings out of nowhere.

Signal #8

She starts showing you signs of affection

She starts to blush around you when you guys talk or when you tease her in a good way. You will notice she starts playing with her hair unconsciously and plays coy in front of you. She bumps into you out of the blue, just to have a short conversation with you. She may even dress up and start showing off the best features of her body to you in an attempt to get your attention.

Signal #9


She starts liking your online posts

She will start following you on social media and you will see an increase in her likes and comments on your posts. You may even find her tagging you to romantic posts or thoughts that give you a hint she likes you.

Signal #10

She texts you frequently

She starts having regular textual conversations with you. Your conversations are no longer just the usual ‘Hi’ or ‘What’s Up’ kind, but a real conversation. She may even end up texting you at night, hinting you are the only one on her mind.

These are a few subtle hints that help you tell if a girl likes you. However, do not read too much between the lines and if you end up with a wrong guess do not get disappointed. Respect her decision and move on. You will surely find a girl who genuinely likes you and would love to start a romantic liaison with you.



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