Wednesday, November 21, 2018

How to Get a Girlfriend

Getting a girlfriend is usually because a boy is looking for a steady company. You may be looking for a more intimate relationship with a girl as a friend with benefits. Or you may find something just clicks with a girl that you would like to snuggle up to when lonely. It may even happen you find the right girl you wish to marry and someday raise a family. Whatever the reason, you need to know how to get a girlfriend. Let us share with you some advice that helps you get a steady girlfriend.

Tip #1

Don’t Go Searching for Relationships

The first thing to remember is don’t keep trying hard with every girl you meet. You may appear too desperate or needy. If you like a girl, don’t be too easy. Girls usually go for attractive guy with all the lover boy traits. Then,there are boys who have less sexual appeal, but are more of a family guy types who become the breadwinner and raise kids. If you are looking for a girlfriend, then you probably fit the second type. Thus, don’t go chasing after every girl as she may be looking for the lover boy types. Be a man of intriguing characteristics that adds value to your personality, rather than make you look like a playboy.

Tip #2

Go for Date to Find the Perfect Girl

It does not always happen that the first girl you like becomes your girlfriend. It is not the end of the world and there are plenty of fishes in the sea. You need to keep going on dates and finding the right one for you. Your flings may help build up your confidence and learn more about what girls want. Soon, you will subconsciously start acting more confident around girls and act more like their lover that makes them chase you. With your flings you won’t end up being lonely or sexually frustrated. Instead you will enjoy these short relationships and become ready for a steadier, long-term relationship.

Tip #3

Get Committed Only If It’s Mutual

You may be seeing a girl and having all the fun. However, don’t stop keeping your options open till she appears to be serious about the relationship. Don’t end you game till you get the vibes of her looking for a serious relationship from you side. Why do you want to be only one who is too much into a relationship when all she is in for is some short term fun.

Tip #4

Commit When You Are in Love

Getting attracted to someone is often confused with love. You need to understand infatuation from love. When you do find your emotions are genuine and you definitely have fallen for a girl don’t give up. Don’t ruin your chance of winning over the girl by making mistakes that compels her to just friend zone you.

Tip #5

Show Her You Care

If you want to win over a girl then you need to show her deep care. This means you need to be concerned about her health and welfare. If she is sick, make sure you take time off to take care of her. Don’t show concern for her, but also make sure you step up when her friend is in need. Make her feel as you are her knight in shinningarmour.

Tip #6

Learn to Have Great Sex

You need to keep your fundamentals straight. If you are looking for an intimate relationship then you need to know the tricks of the trade. You can’t end up looking like a loser in the bed with a girl you wish to keep as your long-term girlfriend. Build up your stamina and learn some cues that help a girl fall for you head over heels in bed.

Tip #7

Be Ambitious Not a Misogynist

Girls like men who are ambitious and work towards a goal. You need to be motivated in your career and not just while away your time. Girls go for boys who have the mullah and a set career part in front of them. Boys who just don’t know what they want in life tend to end up with break-ups and heartbreaks. Also, having confidence about pursuing a dream or goal should not end up appearing as a misogynist in the making. Do not end up becoming a guy who thinks the girl is just good for cooking food and warming up your bed. You need to respect her for who she is for she too may have her set of career goals and may excel in many ways better then you. Remember, respect begets respect and love from a potential girlfriend.

Tip #8

Listen to Her, Don’t Be Desperate

Don’t jump to conclusions and end up hurting both your emotions. If you remain self-absorbed and just think about yourself, you will strangle the poor girl in the relationship. Listen to her needs and understand her point of view. A girl may want to feel special and connected to you before she becomes more intimate with you. She may hold hands or give you the occasional kisses. This does not mean she is ready to go to bed with you. Don’t be desperate and understand a ‘No’ means ‘No’. If you are genuinely into her, then it should not matter if she gives you her all sooner or later. Take her on real dates, make her feel special and build a relationship where she trusts you and accepts you as someone she loves.

These are some of the tips on how to get a girlfriend. There are no textbook methods that help someone fall head over heels over you. Take your time and meet girls who share common interests. You never know when you hit a jackpot and find the perfect girl who you proudly announce as your girlfriend.



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