Wednesday, November 21, 2018

How to Know If a Guy Likes You

Did you accept your guy to land up on your doorstep with a dozen red roses and propose?

Or if you were the hopeless romantic you may be thinking of your guy to sing a song for you and express his endless love for you?

Well, if this is how you expected men to behave, then sis, you are definitely wrong. Men rarely take an effort to express larger than life romantic emotions.

Women, well they may actually do things such mushy mushy. But, men NO. You may have to guess if a guy actually likes you by paying attention to the subtle signs he gives.

If you are wondering how to know if a guy likes you, read on.

Signs a guy likes you


Sign #1

Check his body language

Body language is one of the main pointers that shows if a guy likes you. A guy who is interested in you will lean more towards you; his feet will point in your direction. And if he is attracted towards you, his body too will point towards you. A guy does not seem interested in you will have his body away from you, hands crossed while talking. Thus, ladies keep an eye on his body language.

Sign #2

He gets nervous with you around

A generally confident guy will suddenly act nervous around you. Just like you get butterflies when you look at him, he too will show signs of nervousness if he likes you. He will make mistakes or shutter when talking, tell you dumb jokes, or keep talking without giving you a chance to say something.

Sign #3

He puts in the extra effort

If a guy really likes you, he will put in that little extra effort to make you feel comfortable or special. He may help you with your project or move apartment or even help clear that clogged drain in the kitchen. You will even find him strike conversations that actually last and show his interest in you.

Sign #4

He remembers details and keeps you as a priority

You will be surprised to note that a guy interested in you will remember details from every conversation you have had. He will remember you favorite food, your favorite brand, even remember your sister’s birthday!  He will keep you as a priority and even change his habits if you do not like them. A womanizer will suddenly cut his habits of flirting with other girls and keep his attention only on you.

Sign #5

He asked for your number

When a guy asks you for your number it is a sign he wants to remain in touch. A guy won’t ask you for your number if it is just casual flirting or you are going to be of any help to him in the future. When he asks you for your number even when he meets or sees you daily in the college or workplace, then it is a sign he likes you.

Sign #6

He starts following you on Social Media

He will add you on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and where ever possible on social media. He will try to persuade you to accept his friend request and would want to take the friendship forward. He will like you photos, videos, even comment on your posts that holds no meaning to him. It is just a sign he wants to get your attention in every possible way.

Sign #7

He introduces you to his friends

Whoooaaa.. This is huge. When a guy likes a girl and he introduces her to his intimate gang of boys, it definitely means he is serious. It may not be a formal introduction, but you will be able to guess his friends already know you even before you ever met those guys.

Sign #8

He gets jealous

Jealousy is a sign he likes you. He won’t be able to stand another guy trying to woo you. He will find ways to bring that guy down in front of you or prove he is a worthy opponent. He may even act as if nothing is wrong when you talk to other guys, but his facial expressions may portray a whole new story.

These are a few signs that help you know if a guy likes you. A guy interested in you will compliment you often, tease you (in a good way of course), texts with you way into the night, and he looks at you and not just your body assets. If you have spotted enough cues, then stop worrying and just ask him out, even if he does not muster up the courage. Don’t make him nervous, just use your charm to ask him if he likes you and would like to go out on a date.



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