Thursday, November 22, 2018

How to Play Basketball

Basketball is a game that can be played indoors as well as outdoors. It is very popular among adolescents and young adults.

Let us see how to play basketball to keep yourself entertained, challenged and busy for a few hours on a boring day.

Steps to Play Basketball

Before you start playing, you will need a basketball and a hoop. There are different types of basketballs available for children, intermediate and adults. As for the hoops, you get 10 feet high and 18 inches in diameter hoops. A basketball court typically is about 94-foot long court. If you are just playing around with friends or entertaining yourself at home, then you can have one hoop to play a game.

Split into Two Teams


Typically, two teams consisting of five players each play basketball. One can even play a half-court ball with three players on each team. However, one can add on as many players as they wish, with equal number on each side.

Score By Shooting


You can score a point by shooting a ball through the hoop. One can score between one and three points with a shot depending on the area on the floor from where the shot was taken.

Dribble or Pass


You can move the ball by either dribbling the ball that is, bouncing it up and down the floor. When the player is planted, then they can pivot on one foot, but the foot has to remain on the floor when not dribbling. One can jump to shoot the ball or pass, but when they come back on the ground, the player should be ridden off the ball.

James Naismith invented it in 1891 to keep his students busy during the cold winter. It involved shooting a ball into a peach basket that was nailed to a railing. You need a long dowel to retrieve the ball after a successful shot. Today, basketball has become one of the most entertaining, exciting sports around the world. It is very easy to play basketball, if you keep in mind a few simple rules. 

These are some common things to keep in mind when playing basketball. You need to learn to play defence as well as offence. Keep practicing and you will soon learn to play like a pro. With these simple tips on how to play basketball, you can start practicing for a bigger match.


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